Community Works' Public Arts Programming convenes community in a celebration of histories and cultures, sharing the stories of people who shaped these cultures and those who carry on their legacy. We invite schools, community centers, individuals and institutions to take advantage of our exhibits and related special events and to use them to enhance their own activities.

Tour our exhibits to study significant historical events, explore neighborhood histories, celebrate cultures, and honor social endeavors. Connect your visit with a performance, workshops, or unit of study. Popular connections include: civil rights, immigration, the Harlem Rennaissance, and a variety of History Month studies.

Display one of our exhibits in your community space. Our exhibits tour city-wide to museums, libraries, universities, cultural centers, churches, and other community institutions and public spaces. Installation costs are associated.

For a list of currently installed exhibits,
see our Events page

For more information contact:
Call: 212-459-1854
E-mail: Director of Workshop Programs