Community Works exhibits are created through our Making a Difference workshop programs and other youth inititatives. Students interview each exhibit honoree, gaining inspiration for their creative work and social growth. Collaborations with community partners, such as City Lore and the Schomburg Center, provide additional research and documentation. Exhibits are then shared with the public, compimented by relevant performances, symposia, workshops and gatherings.

If They Came for Me Today: The Japanese-American Internment Project Created in partnership with Community Works West, this exhibit honors 15 men and women who were either interned themselves or are the children of internees. Its message is powerful: civil injustice resonates for generations. This living history exhibit teaches us the importance of civic engagement, and emphasizes that historical events are always linked to powerful personal stories.

Harlem is... A 6-part series celebrating the living history of Harlem and honoring remarkable community members, ages 50- 100, from all sectors of society. Part one honors 30 Harlemites; other components highlight the people, places, and history of Harlem Theatre, Gospel Tradition, Art, Music, and Dance.

Latin Roots A 5-part series highlighting neighborhoods that have been shaped by a variety of Latino cultures and strengthened by the contributions of inspirational artists, activists, and involved citizens. Neighborhoods include: East Harlem, Jackson Heights/Corona, South Bronx, Washington Heights/Inwood, and Williamsburg.

The Long Walk to Freedom Created in partnership with Community Works West, this exhibit tells the stories of 28 people from diverse backgrounds who, through grassroots organizing, helped to change our nation and gave birth to the civil rights movement.

The Legacy Continues History comes to life as one generation of activists passes on the lessons of the 60s to a new generation of young people. Following the stories of 15 young people building their own organizations for social good, this exhibit celebrates the power of social action to inspire us for generations.