Planning Your
Workshop Program

People, places, events and ideas can be celebrated through any art form. Which art form is right for your young people? Before we begin planning, tell us about your needs and interests. What already exists? What has worked well? What has been challenging. What have you always wanted? And ask us questions! Below are just a few examples of how we can begin program planning with you:

Choose a curriculum area for us to emphasize as we build art skills. 
Example: Dancers form straight lines, hold their arms at an angle, and spin 360 degrees! Learning about skeletal structure, musculature, and the pulminary system is intrinsic to their art form. They can think about movement as an expressive language, or follow leaps and spins around the world, from West Africa, to Turkey, to Indonesia.

Explore a school-wide theme or initiative. 
Example: Combine essays, photography, reviews, surveys, and interviews to create a school magazine. Each class can contribute a different art form and offer a different angle on the subject.

Identify a youth development goal. 
Example: The way we adorn ourselves and our surroundings is a powerful form of self-expression with an impact on self-esteem and sense of belonging. Explore this through fashion design or fabric art.

What else do you want to achieve? Inspire the learning community with visual art throughout the halls. Excite parents with performing arts shows. Institute conflict resolution strategies through theatre games. Establish teamwork and focus with dance, yoga, or martial arts. Introduce crucial computer skills through digital media arts.

Your walls are already filled with beautiful banners and your students can pirouette like pros? Looking for something new? Thanks to our artists’ awe-inspiring range of expertise, Community Works offers some special programs. Ask us about beatboxing, music engineering, mosaics, performance yoga, culinary arts, fashion design, and more.

Take advantage of Community Works’ full range of offerings, including our performances, exhibitions, and public events. Workshops can build connections between these experiences to deepen the learning.

Kick off a performing arts workshop series with a show to inspire your students.

Bring a social studies class to tour one of our exhibitions.

Wrap up poetry workshops with your students performing in our annual city-wide poetry show, “Get the Word Out.”

Invite your families to our free monthly Saturdays @ the Dwyer.

Check out our Inter-departmental Initiatives,
like this years’Latin Roots Project… or create your own!